This is Who we are, and What We Do

From the fragrant past, and from the tired playing in the streets of Nablus.

We liked to repeat the experience of going back to the past, from the days of tasting mothers’ food before we integrate into working life and exile.

To feel once again feel the warmth of the family and the nostalgia of the past.

From there We came up with Manoushe w Nos idea

Arabic Food Restaurant Jlt


The restaurant was established in 2017 and a simple menu not exceeding 20 items at the beginning to know the desire of our customers in the cuisine we offer, to find an unparalleled demand for our restaurant to grow together with our customers, and we have reached more than 150 items currently to serve our customers.


At Manoushe, we offer you the most skilled pastry chefs, which are mixed with love and nostalgic recipes to give our customers a unique experience, and to make the expatriates feel that they are still in the embrace of their own home, so that our Arabic food restaurant JLT is closer to the family than to the restaurant.


We started with a few varieties to see how our customers want them, to discover that what we offer is what our customers need, to take their suggestions and add them to our list to have a wide variety of foods that our customers request.


Our goal

To provide home-made delicacies to our customers who need to stay away from fast food.

Our Vision

To achieve the highest standards of satisfaction for our customers and gain their trust, and to seek new branches in the United Arab Emirates

Our Values

Unrivaled quality and comfort of our customers as if they are in the arms of their families

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